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Kís by Clarks history 1830ís

A family business that has been established for the past 176 years. This leading company accommodates for:

  • ladies
  • gentlemenís
  • expert childrenís fitting.

Originating from the village Street, in somerset, England. Cyrus Clark and younger brother James discovered Brown Pettersburg. Their first Clark product, a slipper which consumed of sheepskin scraps. Also known as “Brown Peter” the slipper remained in production for over 100 years. Cyrus who started off as a farmers son, tanning and wool stapling; nourished a workshop in Street, producing sheep skin rug; made his brother James a partner in the business. He allowed him to contribute he’s fresh, young ideas and visions. With both brothers working closely they went on to improve sales of Brown Peter by introducing lambs wool stockings.

Increasing sales and aid of family Quakers helped the family business to grow into the U.K empire, so everyone had access to this new invention. This new line of footwear was introduced as “C & J Clarks” hence where the name Clarks came from. As a new generation evolved, new techniques were required with one of a kind technology to keep the company budding with bright ideas and increasing revenue. The involvement of new skills being introduced, gave Clarks

an opportunity to experiment different shoe designs, thankfully C & J Clarks brought a new range to society. This new collection was introduced as “Torbrand” also known as the comfort collection. Early 20th century saw the brand name “Torbrand” being dropped and replaced back to it’s original name by the next generation of the Clarks family. However, a more modern manufacturing  operation took place; which showed the British Empire techniques for crafting insoles, outer soles and the heels to magnify the shoe’s comfort. Ever since, this warm brand has introduced the new trends and craze, they followed on to produce new lines of footwear, exploiting boots, casual shoes, athletic footwear, summer sandals, evening range, slippers, handbags and formal wear.